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Vertical Training

Posted by [email protected] on August 24, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Want to increase your vertical? Every ahtlete wants to be able to jump higher and move faster but a lot of them don't know where to begin. Before you can dream of flying high or exploding down the field for a diving grab in the end zone, you need to make sure that your body is built for the explosiveness you crave. Given the lengthiness of the average Blog, I will asume that you have already progressed through a 3 month periodized program progressing from Stablization and Balance phases through to Maximal strength and are now ready to incorporate more Power / Plyometric exercises. (If you would like exercise tips and or a personal program design click on the "Contact" tab)

As you may or may not know, vertical and agility programs (also known as S.A.Q) have more to do with increasing your fast twitch (Type 2) muscle fibers and the rate by which your body can recruit them. My routine, when training for vertical, is typically a 6-10 week block, 1 day per week.

Here are some of the things I've done in the past to train my vertical for volleyball:


  • First and foremost, always start with Foam Rolling, Dynamic stretching, and a good warm up. Also end your workout with Foam Rolling and Static stretching.


Exercise Sets Reps 

  1. Front/Lateral Cone Hops 3                          20 sec (add 5-10 sec/wk)
  2. Jumping Jacks 2 20 (fast)
  3. Burpees 2 20
  4. Barbell Squat                                       3                                5
  5. Deadlift                                                  2                             10
  6. Single-leg Squat                                  2                             10
  7. Leg Press                                             3                                5
  8. Adduction/Abduction                           2                             10
  9. Dumbbell lunge                                  3                                5
  10. Single-leg Box Thrust                        2                              10(per leg)
  11. Lateral Box Shuffle                             2                              10
  12. Lateral High Knees (Ladder)           2                          Half Ladder
  13. Ali Shuffle                                             2                          Half Ladder
  14. Broad Jump Skip-1 Back                  2                          Half Ladder

Exercises like the Single-leg squat and Deadlift aren't only for strength but also to prevent injuries.

Common injuries in vball are ACL (most common in girls, mostly Outside hitters, over compensating for a set outside their range. Ex: a right handed outside hitter getting set to the left shoulder and reaching across their body to hit the ball right handed. This usually results in the hitter landing on their left leg with their momentum going to the left) MCL and PCL injuries tend to happen when players contact knees upon landing at the net or lunge forward incorrectly from a ready position, Lower back and oblique injuries from constant twisting (usually while reaching) or improper jumping and landing technique (landing on the heels of their feet). Ankle injuries are also very common with high/low ankle sprains and achilies injuries. While shoulder injuries make up the rotator cuff, biceps tendon, and labrum issues due to incorrect swinging technique (bad coaching), improper training and a lack of a full warm-up (usually seen in boys). Proprioceptive Plyos help to strengthen the ankle/knee joints while increasing flexibility. Balance training (especially progressing through the OPT model (stabilization, strength and power) will help to increase neuromuscular efficiency with dynamic joint stabilization thus helping to prevent some of the more major injuries. Body control helps in preventing serious injuries, I always say I would train a gymnist any day over any other type of athlete! Shoulder exercises like Dumbbell Scaption, shoulder press, abduction, adduction are things I do to keep my shoulders in optimum strength with a high ROM.

One of the most important aspects of volleyball training (as with any training program) is to get em young so their body gets used to sport specific movements and teach them balance. I also always incorporate stabilization exercises to reinforce what my body has learned throughout the years. 

Good Luck and great training!!


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